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Preparation tips for Photos, Video and 3D

When it comes to your home, we want it to show as best as it can! Below are some general cleaning and preparation tips.

– Our photographers shoot AS-IS!

Please have your home ready upon arrival. –

Interior Preparation Checklist

Carpets & Rugs: Vacuum and rake

Wood, Laminate Floors and Tile Floors: Sweep and mop (wood: Murphy’s Oil for that extra pop)

Windows & Mirrors: Clean inside and out.

Glass Covered Fireplaces: Clean and remove any residue.

TV’s: Clean for fingerprints and dust. Please store all remotes.

ZipTie Cables: Loose cords and cables look messy. It’s amazing what a few zip-ties will do to clean things up.

Appliances (especially stainless steel): Clean smudges and fingerprints.

Dust: Yes, please!

Align Pictures: Make sure pictures and frames aren’t crooked.

Fluff Pillows: Because a fluffy pillow looks better than a lumpy/ flat one.

Prep Décor: We shoot the home as is, so please make sure everything looks good in it’s location.

Hide Personal Items: Toothbrushes, robes, non-decorative towels, shoes…etc.

Laundry Room: Hide detergents, mops, brooms, vacuums…etc. Less is more.

Lighting: Please ensure all burned out lightbulbs have been replaced. Please have all lights and lamps turned on prior to our arrival.

Exterior Preparation Checklist

Yard: Mow and trim.

Hoses: Store or coil up neatly.

Trash Cans: Hide in garage.

Patio/ Deck Furniture: Expand umbrellas and place pillows and cushions on furniture.

Vehicles: Park in garage or down the street.

General: Our photographers will shoot the INTERIOR and EXTERIOR as-is, so please make sure everything is where you want it prior to our arrival.

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